Rosé Pack of 2

Rosé Pack of 2

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Enjoy two bottles of non-alcoholic rosé wine for a reduced price with this special bundle deal. Contains one bottle of Weinkoenig Rosé from Germany and one bottle of Pierre Zero Rosé from France.

Weinkoenig Rosé: Fruity, fresh and nice to drink. A semi-dry blend of Carignan and Syrah that when served chilled works as a refreshing non-alcoholic aperitif for hot days, and fits to all Summer dishes.

Pierre Zero Rosé: An alcohol-free wine from France featuring a fine rosé hue which sparkles in the light. On the nose, we discover intense aromas of fresh red fruit. Its freshness, suppleness and liveliness charm the palate, prolonging those sunny summer days.

  • Countries of Origin: Germany and France
  • Alcohol Content: Ranging from 0.0% to 0.5%
  • 750ml x 2 bottles