Pregnancy and Non-Alcoholic Wine

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Pregnancy and non-alcoholic wineThese days, we know just how much of a negative effect consuming alcohol during pregnancy can have. So much so that it is universal practice to go completely sober during those precious nine months. But for someone who enjoys a glass of wine in the evenings, this can be quite a challenge. Drinking wine is often associated with relaxing after a hard day at work, and let's face it, we all have days where we simply need to sit down and take a moment. So what happens when you want to relax but you're also carrying bubba? Usually, nothing.

Pregnant woman often have to just grind through those tough times to protect their unborn child. But this is where we believe alcohol-free and non-alcoholic wine really shines. You get the sense of drinking wine and that feeling of relaxation, but the alcohol content is either entirely or almost non-existent. It is completely safe and perfect for women during pregnancy and breastfeeding.

Now, let's clear up what we mean when we say that the alcohol is in some cases almost non-existent in non-alcoholic wines. Unless the wine is made to be completely alcohol-free, there is always a tiny amount of alcohol left over after the de-alcoholisation process, usually less than 0.5%, but don't let this frighten you. The traces of alcohol leftover are so small that if you wanted to reach the legal limit for driving while intoxicated in New Zealand you would have to consume around five 750ml bottles or approximately 25 glasses of non-alcoholic wine.

We still advise you however to consume non-alcoholic wine in moderation while pregnant. The product is only an alternative to completely foregoing alcoholic beverages during those important nine months and should not be viewed as a simple replacement for drinking habits. Remember, drink responsibly.

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