Calories in Wine

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Calories in WineFor those watching their weight or counting their calories, a glass of wine can have quite a serious impact on your daily intake. According to the USDA (United States Department of Agriculture), the average bottle of red wine contains 625 calories, while the average bottle of white wine contains 605 calories. Now let's imagine that each bottle of wine contains five glasses of 150ml. The amount of calories in each glass would be 125 for red, and 121 for white. In comparison, 150ml of cola soft drink on average contains only 63 calories, meaning that a glass of either red or white wine has almost double the amount of calories as a similar glass of cola.

One of the benefits of many non-alcoholic and alcohol free wines is that they contain a much lower amount of calories, making them perfect for those trying to lose or watch their weight. For example a 750ml bottle of Pierre Zéro Red from France contains just 142.5 calories, or 28.5 calories per 150ml glass.

This means that in an entire bottle of Pierre Zéro Red there is a similar level of calories (142.5) when compared to a single glass of alcoholic red wine (125). To put this into bigger terms, let's say on average you drink one bottle of alcoholic red wine a week, that's 625 calories per week, or 32,500 calories over the entire year (for those interested that's around 140 burgers from your favourite fast food restaurant). Replacing that bottle of red wine with a bottle of alcohol-free red wine brings your total calorie count down to 7410, a difference of 25,090 calories (or for those playing along at home, a reduction of around 109 burgers).

From this we can see how much of a difference choosing the right non-alcoholic and alcohol free wine can make in lowering your daily calorie intake.

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