Alcohol-Free Wine and Taste Expectations

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Alcohol Free Wine Taste ExpectationsAlcohol-free and non-alcoholic wines provide an alternative drink for those who for several reasons cannot or wish not to consume alcohol but are looking for a more sophisticated drink other than soft drinks. As such one of the most common question we receive is whether alcohol-free and non-alcoholic wines do indeed taste like an alcoholic wine. It’s a loaded question and one that is quite difficult to answer. Of course, everyone wants to hear the simple answer: “Yes it’s exactly the same! You won’t be able to tell the difference!”, but if this was true, everyone would be drinking it and alcoholic wines would for the most part be a thing of the past.

Alcohol-free wines unfortunately suffer from being stereotyped at two different ends of the spectrum, many people either expect the product to taste exactly like wine and then end up disappointed when they try it, or they believe it to simply be expensive grape juice and dismiss it outright.

Alcohol-free and non-alcoholic wines can be somewhat different to their alcoholic counterparts but in saying this they offer their own unique taste. To understand this, you must understand that alcohol is the main source that marries all the flavours in a wine together. Like adding salt to food to bring out the flavours. When the alcohol is removed and reduced you still have the flavours but no force to drive them. The trick to drinking alcohol-free/non-alcoholic wines is to approach them differently then you would an alcoholic wine. Don’t go in with expectations, and let the drink speak for itself.

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